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Prime Technicalthe Leading Institute for Gann, Swing Trading Courses in India

A Unique Price Action Trading

  •  No Need of Any Indicator
  •  No Use of Support & Resistance
  •  No Use of Gann Trading Levels
  •  No Use of Fibonacci Levels
  •  No Use of Eliot Waves Theory
  •  No Use of Camarilla Levels
  •  No Use of Any Chart Patterns
  •  No Use of Trend Lines
  •  No Use of Candle Patterns

Make Your Goals About Systematic Trading, Not for Results

  •  A Pure Price Action Trading Master Class based on Demand & Supply.
  •  Features of Our Price Action Course
  • Learn more about swing trading India courses
  •  Single Universal Strategy for all type of Markets.
  •  More then 100% Reward Results per year on Back testing on Any Script.
  •  5,40000 INR Earned in 2018 on 2 Lots of Crude (Just a Real Example).
  •  U can apply strategy on any Indices, Stocks , Currency & Commodity.
  •  Consistent Profits from more than 10 Years of Back testing on any Script.
  •  In Case of Major Falls or UPs 90% are in Our Favours.

Make Your Goals About Systematic

  • Trading, Not for Results
  •  A Pure Price Action Trading Master Class based on Demand & Supply.
  • Features of Our Price Action Courses
  •  No Need to Sit in Front of Market.
  •  No Worry about Global Markets.
  •  No Need to Watch Any Inventory Data.
  •  No Worry about Domestic activities Like RBI Policy Inflation Data Election Results.
  •  No Need to Watch Company Quarterly Results.
  •  No Need to See FII Data.

A Unique Price Action Trading Master Course

  •  Online Training
  •  2 Hr Daily
  •  5 Sessions
  •  You Can Choose Time As Per Your Convenience.
  •  All Classes Will Be Taken In Hindi or English Language.

What is Swing Trade and Why are Swing Trading Course in India Important?

In layman’s terms, swing trading India is considered a strategy that focuses on getting small gains in the short-term trends by cutting the losses quickly. Although the gains are smaller, if one gets the hang of it to do it consistently; over time, one can earn compounded annual returns.

There is a common notion that understanding aspects related to the market are hard, but this is not true. Everything requires practice and consistency, and if you ace this then you surely can be one step ahead in understanding the market better.

When looking for the right swing trading courses, it is essential to look for an institution that is renowned and has experienced faculty to give meaningful sessions. Among the many institutions providing Gann, Swing Trading Courses in India, Prime Technical is currently the number #1 institute known for providing excellent swing trading courses in India, price action trading classes, etc.

What You Will Learn from Swing Trading Course Provided by Prime Technical?

  • Strong Foundation:We provide individuals with an in-depth understanding of the prevailing market trends and the upcoming trends through our Swing Trading Courses. If you get a hold of the market and learn to analyse it accurately, then you have won more than 50% of the battle, and nothing can stop you from becoming a professional.
  • Step-by-Step Approach: All our courses, including Swing Trading Courses, Price Action Trading Master Class, are very systematically designed. Our curriculum is relatively detailed and is made by industry experts. Our teaching approach includes a step-by-step guide first to identify the trade entry, trade exits, understanding profit levels, stop losses, etc. Our curriculum targets both beginners as well as trained individuals.
  • Advanced Strategies: It is essential to learn the market’s tricks and tactics to gain proper insights and make money. After attending the sessions of the price action trading master class or swing trading course in India given by the leading experts at Prime Technical, we guarantee that you will be well-versed with advanced strategies to help you get a maximum number of profits.
  • Price Action Basics: The Price Action Trading Master Class will help the individuals get a strong grip on the basics. The curriculum of the Price Action Trading Master Class is primarily designed to make the individuals read and analyse the trend’s market sentiments.
  • Practical Knowledge: Prime Technical offers the best Gann, Swing Trading Course in India, helping individuals to get a deep understanding of the time frame selection, which helps in trading the swings of the trend. Through our swing trading course in India, individuals get the hang of the different strategies needed to trade the swing point of the trend.

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